UT-100 USB DVB-T Modulator Adaptor

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    • Height(cm):6
    • Length(cm):12
    • Weight(kg):.4
    • Width(cm):16

    Key Features


    l   USB based modulator/demodulator with support for EN 300-744 DVB-T transmission and reception.

    l   Powered from the USB bus, so no external power adapter is required.

    l   Full hardware modulation/demodulation, no host CPU computation required.

    Modulator (Transmitter)

    l      Direct digital conversion to 50~950MHz and 1200~1350 MHz for excellent signal quality

    l      Configurable bandwidth 2MHz ~ 8 MHz.

    l      UT-100A/UT-100B/UT-100C support configurable bandwidth from 2MHz to 8 MHz.
          (Note: UT-100D supports only receiving and does not support transmitting.)
    l      Support only non-hierarchy mode

    l      Programmable digital attenuator

    l      Free Windows Stream Player

    l      Free Windows and Linux SDK

    Demodulator (Receiver)

    l      UT-100A supports Worldwide Free to Air Digital Terrestrial (DVB-T) Receptions (5/ 6 / 7 / 8 MHz)

    l      UT-100B/UT-100D is a special custom version (supporting 2/3/4 MHz bandwidth) for amateur HAM TV reception.
          (Note:UT-100C supports only transmitting and does not support receiving.)
    l      Standard Windows DVB-T BDA driver provided

    l      Windows Media Center compatible DVB-T TV tuner


    UT-100 - Applications

    l      DVB-T signal generator

    l      Demonstrations

    l      Research and development

    l      Video Broadcast/Distribution

    l      Digital Signage

    l      Wireless Display

    l      Hotel TV, Hospital TV, On-Board TV, Luxury Home Entertainment

    l      Hotel Info TV, Trade Shows, Mall Info TV, Campus TV, In Stadium

    l      Live Sports, Monitoring, Surveillance, Corporate TV

    l      Industrial Monitoring

    l      Amateur HAM TV


    Host Requirements

    l  CPU: Intel, AMD, ARM, MIPS

    l  128MB RAM of system memory or above

    l  Higher CPU and memory required if DVB-T audio/video decoding is needed.

    l  One available USB2.0 or 1.1 port
    Note: USB 1.1 can only support 3~5 Mbps stream data rate.



    RF Connector

    Two 75-Ω MCX (female) connecters, one for Tx and one for Rx


    5/6/7/8 MHz


    2K, 8K

    Code rate

    1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

    Guard interval

    1/4, 1/8, 1/16 or 1/32

    Frequency range

    50 .. 950MHz

    VHF 6M BW/UHF 6M BW: Channel: CH7~CH83

    VHF 7M BW/UHF 7M BW: Channel: CH5~CH69

    VHF 8M BW/UHF 8M BW: Channel: CH5~CH69

    RF Output Level

    0 dBm (108 dBuV)

    Digital Attenuator

    Range:+6/-25dB* , Step size 1dB


    35dB Typically

    Spectrum Shoulder (Adjacent channel)


    Phase noise

    < -92dBc @ 10kHz

    Carrier Suppression


    USB port

    USB 2.0 or USB 1.1


    5V DC (USB Bus Power)

    390mA (Tx and Rx)

    170mA(Rx only)

    340mA(Tx only)

    Dimensions (LxWxH)

    75x 30 x 15mm

    Note: There could be MER loss in high gain/attenuation level.

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