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  • Model No.:DC-100-B-00
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features

Model NumberLens
DC-100-B-00Not included

Painless upgrade to full HD

Reuse existing coaxial cable deployment without any special requirement for cable & connecter. DVB-T signal is so robust that even a degraded and aged cable can be used to convey full HD signal perfectly.

Easy and friendly user experience

There is no lousy network IP configuration and no need to use a desktop or notebook PC. It’s just as easy as watching TV programs with a TV set or SetTopBox.

Long Distance

Easily transmit 1080p video over a single 3C2V/RG59 cable for at least 500 meters long without adding any repeater.

For wireless applications, the line of sight transmission distance may reach 50~100 meters at 0dBm RF radiation power and up to several kilo meters at 20 dBm. The real distance depends on the antenna design and receiver quality.

Cascaded Connection (Bus-Topology)

Multiple DTV CAM’s with different channel configurations can share a single cable. It can dramatically reduce the cable deployment cost and effort.

Mux multiple video streams

Support multiple video streams at the same time, for example 1080P/720P, D1, CIF, and JPG…

Real time protocol and Low latency

No frame drop in QEF (Quasi-Error-Free) condition, and low transmission latency

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