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UT-100B (Tx/Rx Full Duplex)
UT-100 - Features USB based modulator/demodulator with support for EN 300-744 DVB-T transmission and reception. Powered from the USB bus, so no external power adapter is required Full hardware modulation/demodulation, no host CPU computation required. Modulator (Transmitter): Direct digital conversion to 50~950MHz and 1200~1350 MHz for excellent signal quality UT -100A /UT-100B/UT -100C support configurable bandwidth from 2MHz to 8 MHz. ...
DC-105-BB FPV 1080P Full HD DTV CAM (Bare bone only)
DC-105 DTV CAM DTV CAM is an all-new camera which outputsthe captured HD video in digital TV signal. The core technology is based onopen industrial standard EN 300-744 DVB-T, which can transmit compressedhigh-definition digital video over cable or air. All DVB-T compliant receivers,including SetTopBox, Digital TV, PC/NB USB DTV dongle, or DTV capture card canreceive, watch and record the video from a DTV CAM without requiring anyspecial adapter on each receiver nor deploying new cables, bu...
UT-130 USB DVB-T 4-band (100~2600MHz, 2~8MHz BW) Receiver
UT-130 - Features USB based demodulator with support for EN300-744 DVB-T reception. No extra down converter needed, direct supportfor wide frequency range reception, including standard TV VHF/UHF (100MHz~950MHz)band, 1.2GHz band, and 2.4GHz band*. Flexible channel bandwidth support, 2/3/4/5/6/7/8MHz *Basically, full range (100MHz~2600MHz) issupported, except the pre-AMP LNA (MAX2644/MAX2691) performance may degrade insome bands. Host Requirements...