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DC-105-BB FPV 1080P Full HD DTV CAM (Bare bone only)
DC-105 DTV CAM DTV CAM is an all-new camera which outputsthe captured HD video in digital TV signal. The core technology is based onopen industrial standard EN 300-744 DVB-T, which can transmit compressedhigh-definition digital video over cable or air. All DVB-T compliant receivers,including SetTopBox, Digital TV, PC/NB USB DTV dongle, or DTV capture card canreceive, watch and record the video from a DTV CAM without requiring anyspecial adapter on each receiver nor deploying new cables, bu...
HV-102 is the most cost-effective solution to distribute HDMI or HD-SDI video to unlimited standard TV’s without requiring any special adapter. The video input source from either HDMI/DVI or HD-SDI is encoded in MPEG2 or H.264 streams, modulated with the open industrial standard EN 300-744 DVB-T/ARIB STD-B31 ISDB-T/ABNT NBR 15601 ISDB-Tb, and then transmitted over cable or air. All DVB-T/ISDB-T/ ISDB-Tb compliant receivers, including SetTopBox, Digital TV, PC/NB USB DTV dongle, or DTV ...
HV-100E (HDMI/CVBS-in)
Features Low Cost HD Video Distribution Compliant to existing HD TV sets, no extra adapter required, and no restriction on the number of receivers. All the peripherals like splitter, amplifier, connector…etc are the same as those for regular TV. Versatile video inputs and formats Support HDMI/DVI and composite (CVBS) video input. Besides H.264/MPEG2 HD, MPEG2 SD format is also supported and complaint to existing SD TV sets or STB. Easy to Configure ...